The advancement of orthopaedic physiotherapy through the promotion of excellence in education, practice and research.

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The London Orthopaedic Unit's mandate is to support and facilitate the development of physiotherapists in London and the surrounding area through the promotion of excellence in orthopaedic education, clinical practice and research.

Meet the Executive

  • Miriam McLean, Travis Goettl - Co-Chairs
  • Laura O'Brien - Secretary
  • Andrea Carey - Director of Communications (DOC)
  • Allison Francis - Member-at-large
  • Carmen Scarfone, Nicole Peters - Student Reps


  • Jackie Sadi
    Jackie Sadi, BSc(PT), MSc, FCAMPT, Clinical Specialist in MSK PT
    Orthopaedic Levels Instructed: Examiner Status, Level 1-5

    Universities Attended: University of Western Ontario

    Background: Jackie is teaching in the first University based manipulative therapy program in Canada. This program was a collaboration of efforts from the University of Western Ontario (Jayne Garland), the executive of the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) and the Education Committee executive of the Orthopaedic Division. Under the guidance of Beverly Padfield this program began in September 2007 and is currently in its third full year. Jackie is a teacher and examiner in both the University of Western Ontario Manipulative Therapy Program and the CPA Orthopaedic Division Manipulative Therapy Program. Jackie was instrumental in developing national guidelines for mentors in both Canadian manipulative therapy programs. She is past vice-chair of the CPA Orthopaedic division and her interests continue to be manual therapy and occupational health. Further, Jackie is one of the only physiotherapists to have completed her orthopaedic specialization designation (2012).

    Clinical Experience: >20 years Clinically, >15 years teaching, >4 years as a full time educator at the University of Western Ontario.

    Areas of Practice: Orthopaedic Private Practice, Teaching, Research, Program Development

    Hobbies: Skiing, Surfing, and Travelling...everywhere!!!

  • Heather Gillis
    Heather Gillis, BScPT, MSc Anat., FCAMPT
    Orthopaedic Levels Instructed: Examiner Status, Level 1-5.

    Universities Attended: University of Western Ontario

    Background: Heather Gillis is an owner of Physiotherapy Alliance. She works at the Stratford and New Hamburg locations. She is a national examiner, senior instructor and syllabus chair with the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and a professor at the University of Western Ontario. Heather graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a professional degree in Physiotherapy and completed her Masters in Clinical Anatomy in 2010. Heather also completed her Diploma in Manipulative Therapy in 1999 and is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. She volunteers her time and clinical insights to physiotherapists looking to advance their skills and is actively involved in various community events.

    Clinical Experience: >20 years clinically, >15 year teaching

    Areas of Practice: Orthopaedic Private Practice, Teaching, Research

    Hobbies: In her spare time Heather enjoys spending time with her two young daughters and participating in Canadian stepdancing and clogging.

  • Greg Alcock
    Greg Alcock, MSc (PT) CHSc (PT) BAS Hons (PE) FCAMT, Clinical and Research


    Hobbies: Outdoor activities and sports with the family and friends.

    Teaching philosophy: Always keep in mind the best information is based in clinical relevance, backed by best available evidence and tempered with common sense.

    Best advice from a mentor: Beware of those who think they know everything.

    Drink of choice: Freshly ground dark roast coffee perked of the wood stove at the cabin.

  • Rob Werstine
    Rob Werstine, BA, BScPT, DIP. SPORT, DIP. MANIP, FCAMT

    Coolest place ever travelled: Between 1st and second year of PT school I was lucky enough to get a contract to play rugby in Cape Town South Africa. I stayed for 3 months and travelled around the region from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia as well as South Africa. The big five, Table Mountain, Red Sand Dunes of Sossusvlei and Victoria Falls.

    Favourite Book: Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises- I read it in Paris and travelled down to Spain hitting many of the same spots as in the book. Great description of the cultural experience of a North American in Europe.

    Drink of choice: Rusty Nail- look it up!

  • Meg Smith
    Meg Smith, BSc, BHSc(PT), FCAMPT, CSCS, CAFCI

    Favourite Sunday morning activity:  Watching Paw Patrol

    Drink of choice:  Coffee

    One thing she can’t live without: Coffee

    Coolest place ever travelled: Hawaii

    #1 on bucket list: Groundhog day in Wiarton

    Most embarrassing OSCE moment: Forgetting to put the stethoscope in my ears

  • Troy Seely
    Troy Seely, BScPT, MScPT, FCAMPT

    Favourite Saturday morning activity: Taking my sons Connor (aged 5) and Drew (aged 2) out to breakfast. Only two rules: 1 - try not to go to the same place twice and 2 - order the pancakes.

    Coolest place ever travelled to: Sorrento, Italy. All of the amazing culture, with none of the crazy crowds.

    Favourite room in the house: You've heard of an aquarium. Well, I have a "nerdarium" - a room filled with comic books, graphic novels, videogames, movies, figurines and posters.

    Karaoke?: Yes please!

  • Kate Pratley, BScPT, FCAMPT

    Favourite Sunday morning activity: taking the puppy for a walk to the lake and coffee (for me not puppy)

    Favourite drink: so many to choose from...let's go Dark and Stormy

    Coolest place travelled: New Zealand!

  • Jen VanBussel, PT, MSc.(c), FCAMPT

    Jen graduated from the University of Western Ontario’s Physical Therapy program in 2001. Since graduating, she has practiced in orthopaedics, working in both the US and Canada. Her passion for teaching and mentoring began during her experience as a faculty member with Brooks Rehabilitation Residency and Fellowship programs in Jacksonville, Florida. After completing her Diploma in Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 2010, Jen began instructing and mentoring within the Orthopaedic Division. She is currently a Lecturer in the School of Physical Therapy at Western University and is completing her Masters of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

    Favourite Sunday morning activity: Getting ready to watch some NFL football with my family

    Favourite drink: A good craft beer or glass of wine

    Bucket list: Live overseas with my husband and kids for a year

  • Jenny Harwood, BScPT, FCAMPT

    Favourite Sunday morning activity: Getting outside to hike with my family, or curling up with a book

    Favourite drink: I'm a Brit - cider

    Coolest place you've ever travelled: I love France, but anywhere I get to travel with my family ends up being pretty cool.

  • Jeremy Burns, BHK, MPT, Dip Manip PT, FCAMPT

    Favourite Sunday morning activity: Early morning hockey followed by coffee and hot chocolate with the kids

    Favourite drink: Coffee

    Coolest place you've ever travelled: Hawaii – we watched a sunset from the top of a mountain where it sets into the clouds and re-emerges only to set again over the horizon followed by a near immediate temperature drop of 10°

Manual Therapy Steering Committee

CPA's Manual Therapy Steering Committee (MTSC) works on your behalf to track and respond to issues in the manual therapy environment in Canada. For example, the committee has:

  • Given support to every province experiencing legislative or legal challenges to scope of practice relating to manipulation
  • Provided financial assistance to the College of Alberta's publication of Competencies Required to Safely Perform Spinal Manipulation as a Physical Therapy Intervention
  • Provided support to COMTA towards expenses associated with an upcoming coroner's inquest

MTSC is funded primarily through member donations and CPA funds, and needs your continued support. Please contact Carol Miller for more information via Email or 1-613-564-5454 x224.

Please consider attending the London Ortho Unit Annual Member Appreciation Day. Proceeds from this event will benefit the MTSC.