The advancement of orthopaedic physiotherapy through the promotion of excellence in education, practice and research.

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London Orthopaedic Division

The London Unit of the Orthopaedic Division's mandate is to support and facilitate the education and development of physiotherapists in London and surrounding area.---

Resources & services available to Unit members include:

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Exercise Essentials -Bruce Craven

Exercise Essentials is a dynamic two-day course designed to provide therapists with a new approach to designing exercise programs for their clients.

The course covers:

1- Movement system anal...


Reminder: The Bev Padfield Clinical Research Award (Due: Jan 30, 2018))

“The Bev Padfield Clinical Research Award” was initiated in 2009. This $3000.00 award is designed to recognize physiotherapists who are involved in research for the advancement of manual therapy ...


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